Five Reasons to Visit a Suwanee Wine Fest

By Terry K. Hanson | Suwanee Festivals

Nov 01

Have you ever been to a Suwanee wine fest? Do you want to sample one of the best wines in the country? Well, we have great news because you still have a chance to go. Every year on November 3rd, an annual Suwanee Wine Festival is held, and thousands of people come here to enjoy delicious wines and spend some time with their friends.

I have attended this festival for a couple of years and each year has exceeded my expectations. This is why I have five reasons which should make you visit this festival.

Over 150 premium wines

This one is given, and it’s probably the essential part of the Wine Fest. If you love drinking wine, then this festival will be paradise for you. Local wine experts have almost an impossible task; they need to choose over 150 premium wines from around the world for you to try.

You will have a unique opportunity to sample one of the most delicious and most expensive wines and have a great time with your friends.

There is beer to

For people who aren’t fond of wine, there is always another choice, beer. You should head over to the Georgia craft beer tent for unlimited samples of your favorite brews and bourbon tasting with JR Revelry Bourbon. The best of all, you will have a big TV screen to follow Saturday football.

You are drinking for a good cause

FW61Annandale Village is a special place where men and women with developmental disabilities and acquired brain injuries spend their time, learn about independence, self-worth, and achievements. On the first morning of Suwanee Wine Fest, Annandale Village is hosting its 4th annual Extra Mile Run/Walk 5K at Town Center Park to start the day’s festival.

This is a noble cause, and all people who attend the Suwanee wine fest should support this event. I have been every time I visited a festival and had a great time here.


Live music and entertainment

Besides wine sampling, live music and entertainment is the best part of this festival. Every year famous musicians have performances here, and you shouldn’t miss one of them while attending a festival. This year’s event will feature live music from nationally-popular singer and songwriter Joe Hall.

Don’t worry; there is more

Local vendors and artists organize sales, and you can purchase many products such as cornhole, Giant Jenga, food for purchase from Local Republic and Strange Taco, the Fish Market also provide a sample. You can enjoy delicious food and try something different.

Get the tickets

You should hurry up and get your tickets on time; they usually sell fast because many people are attending the festival. The price goes from $55 to $109, and you can purchase them on their website. There are a couple of types of tickets you can choose from, and the price varies depending on the activities you select from. So, save water and come drink some wine, we are sure you’re going to love it.

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